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Fatemeh Mohammadshahi 

Painter, Digital abstract artist/ Shiraz

Fatemeh Mohammadshahi

Digital abstract Artist, Painter

based in Shiraz, Born in 2000

By the time she was 11, she had formed a strong bond with painting. She got her high school diploma in arts. Her professional career began with a solo exhibition in 2015.

Since then, she has engaged in numerous solo and group exhibitions, focusing on the impermanent nature of form and color.

Her works mainly draw on primitive and accidental forms. The images in her works are creatures that have nothing to do with reality and do not follow any concept; She does not select her materials to guarantee the durability of the work. She believes the work must run its course and meet its end in due course.

''A work's way to erosion must be unhindered if we want the work not to lose its soul inside museums' display cases'',

she believes. In this way, her works preserve their souls and take on the life of a living being: they are born, they mature, and they die.

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