Reza Vojdani 

New media artist, Designer,
Motion graphic designer/ Ankara

Reza Vojdani was born on 1981 in Tehran-Iran. Working as freelancer in Tehran and in Ankara as an art director and motion designer since 2002.
He graduated from the Soore Art University (Tehran- Iran) in 2004 in graphic design.
He is a one of the IMGDA (Iranian Motion Graphics Designers Association) founders, Secretary and former board member. His major design focus is on posters, typography, logos and motion graphics for cultural events and TV channels.
Reza, started to research and work on New Media, specially on Video mapping, Interactive design and 3D print from 2012.
His works has been displayed in international graphic exhibitions in Iran, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico and …


In Iranian Miniature, several elements with precise and delicate details are used to tell the story.

One of these elements is architecture. The Iranian Miniature Artist's special look at perspective and its elimination (contrary to the tradition of painting in the West) has led to the creation of original works.

The Seven Sessions is an attempt to recreate the spirit of Iranian Miniature and restore perspective to it in a new form.

Each of the works in this collection tells a separate story.