Mohammad Hassan Ezzatzadeh 

Graphic Designer, Educator, Digital artist/ Tehran

Mohammad Hassan Ezzat-zadeh

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Digital and Calligraphy Artist, Educator, Vocal Artist, and Art Consultant

Born in 1979, Tehran


Member of Iranian Graphic Designers' Society (IGDS) since 2003

He holds a B.F.An in Graphic Design, University of Tehran, and Certification in Advanced Study in Education (STEM)


Co-Founder in Jolfa Studio

University teacher in Design, Photography and Calligraphy/ Art University, Tehran

Participated in more than 10 group exhibitions and 1 solo show, including:

-Among Nobody (The First Persian Concrete Poetry Exhibition in Iran) Khak Gallery, Tehran 2005,

-The 3rd and 4rd International Tehran Biennial of Graphic Design, Saba Gallery, 2009

-Environmental Design, Graphic Museum of Iran, 2016

--IRUS, The International Intercultural Collaborative New Media Art Projects, Andeken Gallery, Denver, Colorado / USA (and in 2010 in the Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago/ USA


Leading workshops and Judging in festivals in Design, Textile Design, Calligraphy, Photography, Concept Design, Digital art; such as the 5th National Festival of Tehran Textile Design 2016, and Calligraphy Art Festival, Garden of Iranian Art Museum 2018