Asal Eghbaldar 

Architect, Illustrator, Digital artist,
Cinematic graphic designer/ Rasht

Asal Eghbaldar

Architect, Illustrator, Digital Artist,

Cinematic Graphic Designer

"I was familiar with the visual arts through my major at university, as architecture was a multifaceted discipline that combined the relationship between mathematics and art, and was forever of equal importance to aesthetics and principles. after attending Intra-university student exhibitions I came to the conclusion that I have more ability to maneuver in other aspects of the visual arts, and I started taking a digital paint course in the classes of Professor Reza Abbasi. 

 And meanwhile, I started learning illustration at Mohammad Hossein Matak'S Classes. I also have cooperated with the (Gravity  Film) Company and the International Agency for Distribution and Submission of Films and Filmmaking of Iran Portal as a project in the field of graphic design and I have worked in cinematic graphics.  And now I design as a freelancer and  I am still learning and studying."