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Negin Ehtesabian


Interdisciplinary Artist, Illustrator, and Curator.

-BA in Visual Communication, University of Tehran, Iran
-Animation, the University of the West of England (UWE),

Bristol, UK 



HERK9195 copy.jpg

We first met through an international intercultural new media art project in 2010, which led to our marriage some years later, which has been quite an adventure! Since then, we have done several art collaborations together, as well as independent art show curation.

We both are also early members of the Techspressionism community.

Now with Sudden gallery, as curators, we aim to explore how much we can help to shape the White Page community's ideas of sharing, caring, and mutual help between artists,

 together with artist fellows!


The White Page  community





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Patrick Lichty

Contemporary Artist, Media Theorist, Graphic Designer, Curator, Educator, and Writer

Has been teaching Art, Media, Animation, History, Design... at

-Winona State University, Minnesota. US

-Zayed University, AD, UAE

-NYU sharjah University, UAE

-University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, US

-Columbia College Chicago


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